Class VerifyHttp


public class VerifyHttp extends Object

Responsible for building verifications (e.g. something happened x times).

  • Method Details

    • verifyHttp

      public static VerifyHttp verifyHttp(StubServer stubServer)
      Static factory
    • verifyHttp

      public static VerifyHttp verifyHttp(List<Call> calls)
      Static factory
    • once

      public VerifySequenced once(Condition... conditions)
      There should be only one call which satisfies given conditions
    • never

      public VerifySequenced never(Condition... conditions)
      There should be no calls which satisfies given conditions
    • times

      public VerifySequenced times(int t, Condition... conditions)
      There should be t calls which satisfies given conditions
    • atLeast

      public VerifySequenced atLeast(int t, Condition... conditions)
      There should be at least t calls which satisfies the given conditions